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Each episode begins with Special Agent Oso in the midst of a training exercise, which he usually fails on his first try, causing him to say "It's all part of the plan more or less." Paw Pilot, his computerized assistant, alerts him by saying "Special Alert, Special Alert." Invariably, during the exercise, at least one child is confronted with a simple task which they have trouble completing, an event which a Shutterbug drone notices. Oso is always assigned to the case, and Paw Pilot, along with the seen unseen Mr. Dos, illustrates his client's plight and assigns him a mission to help the child complete the task. To do so, Paw Pilot provides Oso with "three special steps," a simplified step-by-step guide to completing the task. Oso is transported to the child's location and attempts to follow the steps as the steps, in and of themselves, are usually too vague to complete the task properly. Paw Pilot also gives further elaborations, including at least one helpful trick. On the third and final step, Paw Pilot senses the time limit on the task between 3 and 19 seconds and begins counting down when the time limit is near. Oso and the child usually complete the task, just as the time runs out.

Special Agent Oso


Returning from the assignment, the helpful trick given during the assignment always turns out to be the same trick Oso needed to complete the interrupted training exercise, which he likewise completes and passes, getting a "digi-medal," a digital award, for both the training exercise and the special assignment.

In SPECIAL AGENT OSO, a caring panda named Oso (voiced by Sean Astin) comes to the aid of kids who need help with everyday troubles like cleaning their room, finding a lost item, and planning a special surprise. As part of an international organization of helpful stuffed animals, Oso is always ready to lend a hand -- er, paw -- to the kids he meets, and his assignments let him exercise the skills he learns under the guidance of senior agents Wolfie (Phil Lewis) and Dotty (Amber Hood). Armed with a ready supply of high-tech gadgets -- including perky virtual assistant Paw Pilot (Meghan Strange) -- Oso is prepared for anything and can solve problems of any size.

SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Mr Krabs, Sandy Cheeks, Po the panda, Tigress, Monkey, and Viper will be the last members that will help Oso and the others and be special agents in training in Episode 49.

Special Agent Oso (2009-2012) is a children's animated television series that aired on Disney Junior and seen for a couple of years when that programming block was still known as Playhouse Disney. It's about Oso, a "unique stuffed bear" who is a secret "special" agent in training working with some kind of nondescript agency, along with his training helpers, Wolfie and Dottie, and his trusty talking map Paw Pilot. Other characters include Mr. Dos, a deep-voiced man who only talks through Oso's watch, and Rapide and Whirlybird, a talking train and a talking helicopter, respectively.

In each episode, Oso is doing his agent training guided by Wolfie and Dottie. He messes up his exercise at first, and that's when he gets a "special alert" from Mr. Dos, who alerts him to a child who needs help doing some sort of everyday thing, aka his special assignment. Oso then gets the "three special steps" from Paw Pilot which are needed to help the child and complete the assignment successfully. After helping the child, Oso goes back to agent training where he tries at his exercise again; this time, he remembers a technique from when he helped the child, which he uses to complete the exercise correctly. Oso is then reviewed of what he did during the assignment and is awarded a "Digi-medal". 041b061a72

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