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White Silver Watercolor Texture

I really enjoy learning about all the different ways that you can use watercolors to make special effects and unique textures in your work. I have experimented with the salt technique and the alcohol and water technique. This time I thought it might be fun to try the wax resist. The basic concept is that you lay down some wax on your paper, paint over the wax, and the wax resists the watercolor leaving the white of the paper exposed. This technique can have some cool applications. It is great to have a lot of tools in your arsenal so that when you are trying to create a texture or a specific look in your painting you can draw on one of these special effects (Ha!, no pun intended!).

White Silver Watercolor Texture


I gathered a couple of different things to try. I have a couple of wax crayons (one white and one silver), birthday candles, a colorless colored pencil (it was meant for blending), a white colored pencil, my watercolor paint, a paintbrush, and watercolor paper (I started with a Bristol paper which is really smooth and flat, then tried a 140lb paper with some texture and then, lastly, I tried a 90lb mixed media paper.) 350c69d7ab

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