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Digimon Adventure Episode 29

The thing is, even with the dedicated laser-focus on Taichi now, the show still doesn't seem to break out of the formulaic shell that has defined it up to this point. Taichi and Agumon take five steps and run into some new antagonistic Digimon to have a big fight with, and the battle is stretched out to fill the episode. It's almost funny, since the sheer size and ongoing scale of this episode's fight might actually be a novel introduction to how Taichi will be carrying the show now, were it not exactly the sort of thing the series had been doing even before it decided to play 52 PICKUP with its cast of characters. So instead we get a solidly-storyboarded if unremarkably-animated fight in a forest fire that treats us to Agumon's various forms taking on different enemies. Hardly a character kids still need advertised to them, I'd say.

Digimon Adventure Episode 29


Even with a somewhat victorious sense late in the episode that Taichi and Agumon's influence has already started to upset that purely-power-based balance of this world, I can't get excited by any prospective possibilities of thematic ambitions since Digimon Adventure: continues to demonstrate its propensity for flitting from one element to the next. I was mildly anticipating this episode because old favorite Lopmon was set to pop up, but after some conspicuous focus early on she just gets carried out of the forest fire by Taichi and seemingly disappears for the rest of the runtime. A new hacking sub-plot gets exposited on that indicates the Digimon behind that are attempting to attack space for some reason, but Koshiro almost immediately puts that on the back-burner admitting he hasn't the foggiest clue where they're going with it. These are snippets that feel introduced to fill time more than anything else, while I was still waiting for the episode to run out the clock on the combat it had spent all this time showing.

The list to all of the episodes in Digimon Adventure can be found here with a minor description in each of them. Along with descriptions also you can find the original air date for Japan and the air date in English versions. The Japanese name will be given in a translated form as well.

We start the episode with Enzan waiting in a room while Blues argues with a snake like Navi named Snakeman, duh. Enzan gets tired of waiting and tries to leave, until a giant monitor turns on revealing the person he was waiting for, Mrs. Millions aka Ms. Millionaire.

The episode actually had good animation, the battle was well executed and interesting, but the real problem was in the writing. By focusing more on the battle, there was little effort put into the rest of the story, as in, having the story make sense. They ignore the fact that they are supposed to be in a tournament where millions of people are watching the battle. We know Hinoken and Fireman are dirty cheaters and they need to use tricks in order to defeat Rockman who was kicking their ass in the beginning of the episode, but here is the thing, NOBODY IN THE TOURNAMENT REALIZED HE WAS CHEATING WHEN IT WAS OBVIOUS!

Things go from bad to worse (because of course they do) when Parrotmon ironically evolves using the power of the dark lightning into Crossmon. Now being a mega, there was absolutely no way that Metalgreymon could defeat this thing as he was. And without Yamato and Gabumon being there, there was no way that Omnimon was coming out to help in this situation. Though I guess the thing they were building up to was automatically spoiled in the title of the episode.

Watch Digimon Adventure full episode online free thekisscartoon.Storyline: While at summer camp, seven kids are transported to a strange digital world. In this new world they make friends with creatures that call themselves Digimon who were born to defend their world from various evil forces.

About Toei Animation(JASDAQ -code 4816) Toei Animation Co., Ltd. ( or is the largest animation production company in Japan since 1956, and have produced many celebrated works ranging from feature films such as "The White Snake" and "Puss 'N Boots", to TV series staring from "Ken, the Wild Boy" on to "Dragon Ball," "Sailor Moon," "Digimon Adventure" and "One Piece." The content in its possession come to a total of approximately 8,500 episodes, which accounts for about 4,200 hours. Consolidated billings (gross sales for fiscal terms 02/03 were recorded at Yen 18,429 million. Toei Animation is publicly quoted on JASDAQ (code 4816). Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and its affiliate company registered as "Toei Animation Inc." in Century City, California.

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