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Kobo Libra 2 comes with 32GB of storage, enough to hold your entire library. Take up to 24,000 eBooks, 150 Kobo Audiobooks, or a combination of both with you, everywhere you go.** Whatever your latest read or listen, it's always on hand.**1GB = 1 billion bytes. Assumes an approximate size of about 1.3 MB per eBook, and average audiobook length of 6.5 hours with 28.8MB per hour. Some storage space utilized by software.



The nature of a high-density facility precludes the possibility of browsing through the collection to locate materials. Generally, users with specific needs are encouraged to request delivery of books and journals to the on-campus library of their choice.

Interesting post as ever:The other transactional cost no-one ever seems to talk about are the bid-offer spreads of buying/selling in and out of these currencies. If there is no interest, why hold money in Libra, when one can potentially earn interest oneself in say USD rather than pay the Libra board. ? And then surely there are still two transactions in this case my bank a/c to libra's a/c and libra's a/c back to my a/c. .Personally i think the majority of Crypto Currencies are just On line Gambling games, in that one is betting one can find a greater fool to sell one's digital asset to, of which the game is actually a zero sum game in its entirety, just distributing wealth between those playing the game, with the Exchanges being the Casino operators, taking a slice of all transactions and possibly front running the players.Libra, does sound a little more interesting since it sounds like it contracts and expands according to demand to keep the value relative to the currency board stable. But then that begs the question why National Central Banks just dont do the same to make Libra obsolete.

Very interesting. I think the conclusion that people should draw from your kind of analysis is that: they should focus around PAYMENT and not MONEY. In fact money has mulitple usage as a tool and nobody can tell what is the best use of a currency. But it s easy for payment mechanism. You need it fast secure cheap. You need a lot of services around it (like smart contracts) and you are good to go. To prevent speculative investments flows they could make it more expensive to do big libra transactions and limit the number of account per individual. I think the further away the will go from global currency the better off they will be 041b061a72

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