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[S1E10] The Need For Feed The Zipline Sisters O...

Dr. H comes by to talk to the contestants, and singles out Tara and Mike as two people who have broken records at the ranch for weight loss and muscle growth. The teams are then assembled for a challenge: they have to pack kits at the LA Food Bank, with each kit designated for a family, and the team that packs 150 kits first, wins. The winners get letters from home and each member of the team gets one year of free groceries. The Black team has to sit out one member, and they choose Laura. The Black Team wins, and Aubrey is upset, because she has five children, and she confesses to the camera that when she had her first two kids, she was unmarried and had to go to a food bank in order to feed her children. The next day, Mike (from the Black team) offers Aubrey (from the Blue team) his year of free groceries, since she needs them more. She accepts and tells everyone else about it, and the contestants all share an emotional moment.

[S1E10] The Need for Feed The Zipline Sisters o...


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