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Can It Get Any worse

High school senior Jared Lyons (center), shown here with his parents, Kim and Bob, worries how he'll afford to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor. The economy, he says, "can't get any worse than it is now." Courtesy of Kim Lyons hide caption

Can it get any worse

Stock response to many an egregious Stock Phrase, especially What Could Possibly Go Wrong?. Essentially Lampshade Hanging by the Genre Savvy of Tempting Fate. Simply put: One should never say that it can't get any worse because sooner or later, it will. Usually preceded by frantic, ignored pleas of, "Don't say it, don't say it, don't say it... You Just HAD To Say It, didn't you?!"

The only thing worse than a losing a loved one is facing that death without any hope of eternity. How can you know, for sure, that you can spend eternity in Heaven? The Bible makes it so simple that even a child, just like my son, can be saved.

Next year surely cannot be worse than 2020. So, with the expectation that Joe Biden is our next president and Republicans win at least one of January's two Georgia runoff elections to retain control of the Senate, here is a political wish list for 2021.

VERY well written and 100% factual article! Thank you! I could not agree more & WISH for her & superiors to read it too! I also wish for her superiorS to at least step in and start over-seeing the case (IN court) @ this point. Its needed. Rather than dump JSS and delay justice AGAIN, I believe this is the more reasonable alternative. But seriously, something HAS to be done. JSS lost control of her courtroom around week 1 in the FIRST trial (Guilt phase, even!) I dont think its going to get any better. & just when we think it can get no worse, JSS proves us all wrong. She has single-handedly ruined confidence in (@ least) the AZ justice system. And that to me is not only sad but ridiculous!

"2020 Can't Get Any Worse" refers to a series of memes used to describe how the first three months of the year were filled with negative, disastrous events, including tension between the U.S. and Iran, WW3, the coronavirus outbreak, etc., and that the prediction for April will be something even worse. The theme was primarily seen on Reddit and Twitter, but was widespread around the internet in March 2020.

From 2010 through 2013, Gerhart had 276 rushing attempts for the Vikings, and gained 1,305 yards. That works out to 4.73 yards per attempt, and if that sounds good, well, it is. The table below ranks running backs by yards per attempt through age 26 (post-merger, minimum four seasons played and 250 attempts). Gerhart is certainly worse than Peterson, but he still makes the top 30 out of 351 qualifying backs.

The 1976 Buccaneers ended the season even worse than they started it, finishing with an 0-14 record and a -287 point differential (20.5 points per game). The 2008 Lions were only outscored by 249 points in their 0-16 season (15.6 points per game).

It was bad enough when the NBA designed the sleeved jerseys! Since when do basketball players play with sleeves!? It got even worse when they decided to put player's nicknames on the back of the jerseys.

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