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Bullet For My Valentine - Suffocating Under Wor...

That same Sunday, the thirtieth of August,was the first day the Taubes came over Paris. Bychance I was guarding one of the city's gates. Isaw the airplane coming from a distance. I hadnot the least doubt about it for it had the silhouetteof a bird of prey that rendered the Germanplanes so easily recognizable at that time. Forthat matter, no one was deceived by it, and fromall the batteries, forts and other positions a violentfusillade greeted it. There was firing from thestreets, windows, courts and roofs. I followed itthrough my field glass, and for a moment Ithought it had been hit, for it paused in its flight.But this was an optical illusion.... The plane[Pg 16]simply flew higher, having without doubt heardthe sound of the fusillade and the bullets havingperhaps whistled too close to the pilot's ears.When he was almost over my post, a light whitecloud appeared under its wings and, in the tenensuing seconds, there followed a terrible series ofsounds, for a bomb had just fallen and explodedvery near at hand. But so entrancing was it toobserve the flight of this pirate who, in spite ofeverything, continued in his audacious course, thatI gazed at the heavens, trying to determine whetheror not I saw once more the little white cloud, theprecursor of the machine of death.

Bullet For My Valentine - Suffocating Under Wor...


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