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Buy Windows 7 For Macbook

Hey guys I'm hoping I can get this issue resolved. I have purchased a late 2011 MacBook Pro (radeon 6750m 1gig). I installed a fresh copy of windows 7 without bootcamp. Having real issues with game performance like world of Warcraft. I have done this with an older unibody Mac and it ran great (for any non believer)... But now this time around I'm getting horrible fps in game. I'm thinking it may be driver related it buy I am having trouble finding the right drivers to see if that's then issue. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

buy windows 7 for macbook


I have always liked apples hardware which is why I did enjoy having windows on my Mac instead of buying a windows laptop. I liked having more hard drive space and not running windows through virtualization which is why I'm preferred a straight windows only install. Just having a heck of a time getting it to run how I remember.

What exactly would be the benefit of running it through bootcamp? Maybe I am missing something here. They are both essentially a separate windows install without virtualization. I will add that I tried overclocking the video card and saw a big improvement but I really don't think that should have to be the fix.

I know it's been a while so you may have moved on but this thread is one of the top Google hits for "air 2015 windows 7" so chances are many people get here looking to do the same. If anyone's still interested it is now possible to natively run Windows 7 on the Early 2015 Air. Check out this thread over at MacRumors for my guide.

I installed windows 7 on my Mac book pro (Yosemite )without boot camp ,I think I erased my Mac OS while doing that ,now I'm stuck too windows ,is there any way I can get back my Yosemite ?? Please help

Can you post a screen shot of the Windows Device Manager, especially an 'Other Devices'? You can use -us/windows/snipping-tool-faq#1TC=windows-7 to capture and post them. Specific devices like Wireless can be addressed, if necessary.

I have an iMac 12,2 with non working internal dvd drive. I purchase an external dvd drive and want to install my windows 7 from it. Everytime I try to run bootcamp and follow the wizard, creates partition, sees my windows dvd in the external drive and when I reboot the installer stays at the black screen with a flashing arrow. I am being told this is because windows 7 cannot be installed from external dvd drive. Is there any workarounds for this.

You can install Windows alone on all three by configuring a hard drive to be MBR, setting the active partition to be the one containing the Windows folders. A Boot Manager, the 100mb partition you see on windows 7 computers, can be configured to point to this installation or better yet boot the mac holding C and boot into the windows 7 install CD. Have it repair the installation, it will create this partition pointing to Windows.

I have been running WIn7 on my MBP C2D 2Gigs and Fusion 2, so far everything seems to work OK except a very specific and annoying problem with multi monitor supportEvery time I connect an external monitor to the MBP Fusion/Win7 detect the second monitor as well and enables it as second monitor in Windows (if in unity). This works beautifully and I can drag windows to either monitor no problemBut if I exit Unity or disconnect the external monitor Win7 freezes every time. I have tried this in several ways (going to full screen, disabling second monitor in win7, disconnecting monitor) but no matter what Win7 always ends up showing a black screen and freezes

You can easily set up the flexible user interface according to your needs. Meters and real-time analyzers can be docked to the main window along with other pane windows such as label and regions marker lists, the processing chain or the media file browser.

Hello, i have one question that is not explained anywhere on the net, would be very appreciated if you could help, this is the problem i have:On my IMac late 2013 intel based (fusion HD drive) i tried to use bootcamp to install the windows 8 or 10 (tried both) but after i follow each and every step(i need a flash drive) my installation fails at the step where you need to format the BOOTCAMP drive and install windows (installation windows does not show up) after i format the bootcamp drive, this message appers: it was not possible to create or find a new portion, more informations you find in protocol of instalattion software.(have no idea what that means, or why is this happening)Can you please adwise me? 041b061a72

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